Social Corporate Responsibility of Body Shop

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In this article we can see that The Body Shop is an organization with Social Corporate Responsibility concept. Besides providing high quality beauty products, they considering the social responsibility to make a positive difference in the world. This ethical behavior beauty company founder actually is a social and environmental activist who works on the basis of being a business model of positive social change named Dame Anita Roddick. The Body Shop support the Social Corporate Responsibility by campaigning on domestic violence, campaigning on HIV&AIDS, promoting self-esteem, giving their voice on causes ranging from the protection of whales and rainforests to human trafficking, and having Community Trade program. Providing a fair deal to suppliers in some of the poorest areas of the world is their commitment and this action is one of The Body Shop抯 strategic branding efforts.

There are several findings which support the Social Corporate Responsibility concepts. In the US the findings revealed that 76% of consumers are making more purchasing choices based on the corporate behavior and ethics of a company than they were five years ago and 43% of those polled say that they make those purchasing decisions on a weekly basis.

It means that the ethical behavior company抯 purpose of being social responsible makes consumers has no doubt when they purchasing the social responsible product. The consumers want the story behind the product that assures them that the company has treated its suppliers fairly and that it has done its best to take into account its impact on the environment. Perhaps the company has actually benefited from the sale of that product.

The other findings are 70% of respondents cite quality of goods and trust in the brand as their criteria for buying a product, 39% say they purchase based on the ethical reputation of...