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Seehee Shin


SOC 101

My first solo recital


There were three incidents that had the greatest impact on my life. When I was in seventh grade, my mother planned an orchestra performance for my clarinet solo, and I had to perform on the stage when I was not prepared for the orchestra performance. The second incident was when I first learned how to drive in my first year in college. However, the moment that had the most impact on my life was when I had a clarinet solo recital, in which I had to play five pieces of music while studying at Cal State Fullerton as a music major.

Impact Moment

The most significant impact moment I experienced in my life was when I had a solo clarinet recital at Cal State Fullerton. When I was accepted into Cal State Fullerton, I was accepted with a full scholarship music major student.

However, I had a problem with playing the instrument in front of others. Fear grasped my body whenever I had to stand in front of people, and therefore, I could not find enjoyment due to nervousness and often tried to escape from the situation by making excuses for myself. My professor Hakan Rosengren was a very stringent and strong minded person who tended to become angry if I was not following his pace or not doing what I was supposed to do. For instance, he would not give a lesson if I was not prepared or did not practice at least seven hours a day and be able to play perfectly during lessons.

One day, after our lesson was over, the professor gave me a list of clarinet pieces and informed me that my solo recital is coming up...