The Social Gender Gap

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Most people think that women are different just in their physical appearance. But there is much more than that. Probably the biggest and most influential factor in relationships is the way we communicate with each other. Men and women are almost opposites in many ways from each other when talking about communication and social characteristics. Even when going out with friends of the same gender they all have different ways of communicating. I think the reason for this difference in communication is mostly their sexuality, their environment and the situation.

Women talk to each other as if they are really close sisters. When together, they talk to each other about everything, hug each other and even kiss each other on the cheek occasionally. Males might think that they are "lesbian" or weird but all they are doing is showing that they are good friends. However, men are the exact opposite.

When together they don't usually like to make eye contact with each other while talking, they'll try not to get too close together. Even accidentally touching is out of the question. They will avoid talking as much as possible. When they touch each other they think other people might perceive them as "gay", so they try to stay away from that as much as possible. The way males show that they are friends is by doing a little handshake or maybe saying "yo" or something of that sort. For example, when my friends and me go out I always notice other groups and most of them are either all female or all male Sometimes listening is a big problem between inter-gender communications. Women try to talk to males but they don't think they are listening cause all they hear is "uh huh", "yeah" and "ok". They...