Social Image and Sport

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Social Image plays a large factor in whether or not males and females participate in sport. This is because of stereotypical beliefs in sport, for example, sports like Rugby League are only for males. Females cannot play league because it is male dominated. Another reason is body image, especially in females. They think that they will be teased, humiliated or bullied for the way they look. For instance in sports such as aquatics and gymnastics they do not want to be seen in their togs because they believe they are fat or do not have the ‘body’ for that particular type of sport.

Thirty-two students of Oakey State High School were surveyed on their views of social images of the body and sport and the popular beliefs that exist. Of these students, many of them participate in sport and enjoy it. However, their beliefs of social images such as stereotypes in sport stop them from participating in sports that are considered abnormal for their gender.

The following tables and graphs show the results of the survey.

Why Students Participate In Sportreason whyFemales MalesKeep Fit69%67%Its Fun85%92%To Win8%17%For something to do62%25%To make rep teams8%8%Why Students do not Participate in SportReason WhyFemales MalesNo Time33%50%Embarrassed about their body67%-Not Motivated100%100%Boring33%-What types of sport students participate in?Type Of SportFemalesMalesSwimming69%58%Netball38%-Soccer31%33%Hockey8%-Touch23%42%Rugby League-75%Dancing31%-Others38%25%Do the students Friends Decisions influence their decision whether or not they participate in sport?The survey also found that the students thought Rugby League and Soccer are male dominated for three main reasons:1.The media only shows males participating in these sports on TV2.That’s the way it has always been3.Girls are not able to participate in them because it is too dangerous.

Netball and Gymnastics were considered female dominated for two reasons:1. Males bodies are not suited to these sports2. They would...