" Social Issues in Today's Corporations"

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In today's business corporations the stories of sexual harassment are becoming more common. Offices are not trying to solve these problems, but brush them under the carpet. Most reports filed are simply looked at once and never again. Newman states that " The number of sexual harassment charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and with state and local fair employment practices agencies around the country totaled 15,836 in 2000, up from 10,532 in 1992" ( Newman 1). The problem of sexual harassment in the work environment can be fixed through corporate workshops which government can enforce and regulate.

Sexual harassment is usually directed towards the women in the office. Studies show that 6 to 16 percent of administrative-level female have experienced unwanted sexual advances. Unwanted sexual advances are instances in which a co-worker makes you feel uncomfortable in the sense of talking or making gestures that are sexual.

One tells this person to stop but he or she continues to harass the victim. Up to 24 percent of the women had experienced requests for sexual favors, 36 percent offensive physical contact, and up to 57 percent offensive verbal behavior. (Newman 2) In an office a women should feel comfortable around all co-workers. But if the possibility of sexual harassment is evident in the office being herself becomes hard for that woman.

Most companies set up their policies to strictly benefit the company. Employers become strictly liable for sexual harassment committed by fellow co-workers. But only when the harassment victim follows by employment actions, such as a discharge, demotion or a degrading and embarrassing reassignment of the employee. Without an employment action, an employer could defend a sexual harassment lawsuit by saying that the harassed employee failed to report the incident properly. The company could say without a...