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Social networking in relation to young people

Social media is now central to how young people function socially and explore their identities compared to young people in previous decades. Social networking can shape how young people see the world thus altering how they make decisions, and how they interact with others in a social context. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and endless other examples all influence how young people interact and behave in society. This essay will explore some of the benefits and limitations in regards to young people including: the ability to communicate with people with out geographical barriers, education, and benefits to socially isolated young people. Also the exploration of some limitations such as cyber bullying, amount of time spent online and privacy issues that face young people. It will delve into moral panic and look at what is being done about it to counteract any negative influences that young people experience.

Many of the struggles and strengths faced by young people as digital natives are caused by a lack of awareness, communication and sometimes a lack of outside influences such as parents or caregivers.

Undoubtedly the Internet has vast positive benefits and influences in widening the knowledge of young people, as it keeps young people who are computer literate informed with everything in their lives and the lives of others by the simple click of the mouse. The Internet and social networking opens young people up to a world of information at their fingertips faster and easier than ever before; with access to the likes of online libraries and databases increasing education (Morimoto, Friedland, 2011). Studies show that the primary use of the internet is communication, as increasingly young people are using the internet and particularly social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate with people...