Social Media and How Bad could It be for Young people?

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October 20, 2014

Social Media and How Bad could It be for Young people?

There is no point in denying that social networking has taken control of almost every young people's life. Everywhere you look, you will undoubtedly find a teenager girl who is gluing her eyes on her phone as she is carelessly avoiding nasty collisions with several people on her way to class while busily updating her Facebook status to inform the whole world about the state of history class and how she is going shopping for some dresses to wear for her next disco after school. As social media has now taken an important place in youth's life, it could become a bad thing for their future.

Social media are now naturally becoming a threat to young people's career. Spending too much time on social media but don't even care to admit that they are getting addicted, young people usually get distracted from their study, work, and even their real life.

Many people argue that the fact that social media, especially Facebook, has become very addictive to the youth doesn't seem to be a big problem; however, it is actually much trouble than one may think. A report of the social media addiction experiment by University of Chicago's Booth School of Business showed that there were 7827 out of 10558 participants who cannot resist a desire within the past 30 minutes (Epstein). In the light of these facts, social media make addicts easily than drug or alcohol, and also as hard as them to escape while people do not even realize that they have already been addicted. Young people who go online too much instead of researching or concentrating on their papers or their work...