Social Media; Corrupts or Helps Society?

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Social Media: Improves or Corrupts Society

Statistics show that about 58% of people in the world use social networking. For example, Facebook has 1.4 billion users worldwide, Twitter is said to have about average of 190 million tweets per day, and YouTube has about 490 million unique users per month ("Statistic Brain"). With all of these facts being said it is obvious that society depends and uses social media quite often. Many people ponder on whether social media is helpful or harmful. Although social media has enhanced communication and has been a huge part of evolution it has brought down today's people by causing disorders, endangering the well-being of others, and spreading dangerous information.

The internet offers a variety of different sort of information for peoples entertainment and use. The connection of people without having to communicate face to face began to surface in 1978 when two members of the Chicago computer club created the Computerized Bulletin Board System, which was a virtual bulletin board where members could communicate with one another.

Over the years the idea of evolution and greater technology increased especially when personal computers became more affordable. In the late 1990s various types of websites were coming out that allowed many people to reconnect with their fellow peers, these were known as and (Key Events in the History of Social Media and Social Networking Sites). About a decade later is when the famous Facebook first became discovered which soon took over the nation. It had people from all over the country communicating and sharing ideas. Ultimately the usage of internet and social networking became a huge part of people's everyday activities. Especially once cellular devices began to have internet access. Overall, it seems fair to say that throughout the years the human race...