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Hannah Fitzer

UNIV 121

Fall 2014

UNIV 121: Paper 1

For my TV show I chose to watch Law and Order: SVU. I watched an episode titled Totem, it started off when a girl is found dead in a suitcase outside of a church cuddled with a doll. Benson and Stabler join a psychologist in order to retrace her last steps. The psychologist helped Benson and Stabler invest the rape and murder of the young girl, and tells them that they may be looking for a female predator.

The target audience for this TV series is a wide span of people, all the way from young adults to elders. I believe this to be true because this kind of drama and intense show is enjoyable for anyone of any age to watch, except for younger children because at times it can be graphic.

This show is very real, which is sad to say.

Law and Order: SVU is a TV series that is a crime drama dealing mainly with rape and other sex crimes. Typical episodes follow the detectives as they investigate and prosecute sexually based offenses. These TV shows are the sad reality of what many people experience. Most of what happens is 100 percent relatable. For example in this episode it was about a little girl that went missing and the day after was found dead. Most everyone can relate to these events because we see events like this on the News all the time.

Some of the values that are apparent in this TV show is the difference between right and wrong, teamwork, and telling the truth. The difference between right and wrong is very apparent when the piano teacher (the killer) lies to the detectives and says she didn't do anything. Lying will never...