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Social Mobility PaperSocial mobility has two separate varieties and reflects on the similarities and differences between the generations with stratification variables. Absolute mobility is the movement of an individual through socio-economic structures of society. Absolute mobility compares the origin of social class versus their social class as an adult. Relative mobility looks at being socially mobile and how that varies according to an individuals' beginning position. With regards to this paper, I am going to touch on education, religion, income, and occupation. Also, resolving the questions as to whether one is upwardly or downwardly mobile; why are there differences, what caused them, how did these instances influence my attitude or behavioral methods? In society, the chance of attaining a place in occupational class structure is not determined by a person's social class origin.

Within my paper, I will look at my grandparents and their social mobility and how it changed with my parents and again with my family.

Education is one factor which determines whether a person is upwardly mobile. Our family history starts with a split social mobility. One set of grandparents attended college, the other did not. My maternal grandfather worked in the citrus groves and my grandmother stayed at home. Living paycheck to paycheck, they were able to stretch their resources to care for their seven children. They owned a small farm and all the children help with the chores. My paternal grandparents both attended college; my grandfather was a minister and grandmother was an English teacher. They both came of a higher social class family and therefore lived in comfort. My grandfather traveled to India in the early 1950's with the mission to open clinics and hospitals for those in the lowest social class.

My father attended a four year college and my mother completed two...