Will Social Networking be the Downfall of the Younger Generation?

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Patrick Collings

Will social networking be the downfall of the younger generation?

Over the past few years social networking has become a prolific habit of the younger generations. Many children are spending hours every day following every aspect of their friends' and celebrities' lifestyles. They are developing bad habits - arrogance and passivity under the influence of others online. Children are unable to distinguish the line between acceptable and improper use of social networks and it is having ramifications on their childhood. While social networking may not be the sole reason for the problems associated with the younger generation, they are a key factor for many of the traits that are being picked up.

One of the biggest impacts social networks have is their hindrance of social skills. Due to the lack of venturing outdoors and being sociable face to face, children have only developed skills to communicate over the internet, aiding their isolation and having a detrimental effect on their social attitude.

51 percent of Facebook users felt that other users falsely represented themselves. Social networks provide the anonymity that many people desire, giving them freedom to act however they want. Children are able to spend their time online creating the perfect image of themselves which they want everyone to see, while forgetting about interaction in reality. Socialising virtually and physically at the same time has become a common thing and it is tragically not unexpected to see a group of children in silence, all on their phones in the vicinity of each other.

During their school years the effects are very visible. Social networks provide a bridge for kids to interact with many people at a time - without feeling uncomfortable face to face. They are more intent on being popular than smart and stray away from the...