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Meeting for coffee, handwritten notes, eye contact, a handshake, a smile are these social practices of the past, soon to be replaced by todays social networking technologies? Advances in social networking technologies allow for new and perhaps more efficient means of communicating and even learning.

As social networking technologies have advanced businesses are starting to take advantage of the opportunity. According to Emmett (2008) "organizations are turning to social networking tools in their efforts to compete in a challenging and fast changing media landscape." (p. 40) In the past or for example 100 years ago businesses did not have the luxury to network socially through technology; if a person had an idea, a question, or simply wanted to discuss something with someone with similar interests, their scope was limited mostly to people within shouting distance, through a newspaper or word of mouth. Or if one knew a person far away, he/she could get a letter to them over a matter of weeks, and potentially get an answer weeks later.

Currently it is as easy as emailing someone too leaving them a message using some sort of instant messenger service.

Some of the many social networks that some businesses try to use in their benefit range from Youtube too Myspace, if successful could create more business and create more and new revenue. According to Yankee (2009)" Using social networking sites isn't so much about soliciting business as it is about establishing yourself as a real, live person with whom others may wish to do business". (p. 8) Most social network services are web based and provide a variety of ways for users to interact, such as e-mail and instant messaging services. For example a lot of bars and nightclubs very often use services like these to market their business for special...