Social Norms and Obedience- An analysis of how social norms influences obedience

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AbstractSocial Norms are the most influential phenomena in our society. Social norms are created to provide a sense of comfort to those around them by establishing a set of expected guidelines of actions to any given situation. Obedience to these norms is an ingrained aspect of human nature as well as the human need to fit in and be accepted.

Social Norms and ObedienceThe existence of social norms is one of the most significant aspects of our society. These norms direct and influence our society to act according to it requirements. In almost every facet of our existence there lie hundreds of pre-positioned norms occurring at the same time. From walking through a crowded street, to sitting in a restaurant, every one is expected to act and behave according to the social norm that designates it. Why does our society follow these norms?Although the very natures of these social norms are ubiquitous within our society, very little is still known regarding the dynamics which influence them.

In this report we will research and investigate how social norms are formed, the influences which decide their content, as well as the society that obeys them.

It is almost ingrained in us every time we go out in public to act and behave in a certain manner that is conducive to each setting. We sit and eat distinctively if we are at a restaurant compared to at home. We sit in a certain manner while at a sanctuary compared to a public restaurant. While strolling by the beach, or sitting in a library, we quickly become aware that our behaviors all change while in different setting. Why is that? This phenomenon is what is called as Social norms. These norms are a set of behavior guidelines that are based on our society's...