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Edgar T. Pantoja

Dr. Melissa Davies

HESP- 167

13 November 2014

Sport Management Interview

For my Sport Management Interview, I interviewed Mr. Paul Silva, who is an Assistant Director in Competitive Sports in Escalon, California. I asked Mr. Silva questions that related to his job and basically to help prepare and give me advice for my career plans in the future. In the Assistant Directory role, they have professional staff that reports all information and how everything is going throughout the workday. Mr. Silva manages the coordinators and has to make sure all of the supervisors are trained so that everything goes smoothly. If anything goes wrong with specifically intramural sports he is held accountable for all mishaps. In being an Assistant Director, there are certain skills that you have to have and develop in order to be in this position. From the interview Mr. Silva said that a big part of it is scheduling, organization, and programming.

When you have to schedule leagues and tournaments those skills will help you on your task of getting things done. Also having a strong background in officiating will benefit you because you have to be able to teach all the student officials the proper way of how to officiate. In the interview, I asked Mr. Silva what made him want to apply to be an Assistant Director in Competitive Sports. He simply said it was because of the passion and love for sports. He worked as a student official and a supervisor with intramural sports when he was an Undergrad. Mr. Silva continued to enjoy working with students, student development and programming and decided to make it into a profession after grad school. Being that this was the case Mr. Silva was not in it for the money, but just for...