Social Policy, Economics of Labor Markets in the European Union

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When we turn on the television we always hear something to be mentioned about the European Union. But what does European Union mean and why is it created? "The European Union has its origins in the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), established on 18 April 1951 by the Treaty of Paris"(Waller-Thody, 1997). It is a union of many states joining together through different enlargements. Their main purpose is to solve economic and political problems, and to keep stability inside the union based on laws and regulations. European Union has created and applies many policies such as agricultural policy, trade policy, social policy etc, in order to structure, organize, and manage each sector in the best possible way. Each policy has its own rules where member states have to be focused on, in order to achieve development and integration.

The topic of this paper is about social policy, economics of labor markets in the European Union and if the employment strategy makes any sense.

In the first part of my paper I am going to talk about social policy in general and its purposes. I will also mention some of the most important social policies such as health care, education and training, and pensions. The second part of my paper deals with labor market, the facilities that it creates for the labor force and the economy as a whole. The last point of my paper but not the less important one is the European employment strategy. I will also mention its structure and what it includes, how do employees see it, and if they are happy with the decision of creating such a strategy. The last part is going to be the conclusion where I will summarize the main issues of the whole paper and I will give my own...