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Assignment Three: A Case Study of a Modern Social Problem

Currently the media has discussed a social problem concerning the lack of management and resources available to the police 111-call centre service. As a result a large number of the community are questioning the inefficiency of call centre staff to serve the community effectively.

A report conducted by the Australian Police has commented that qualified staffs' are leaving due to the lack of Management skills. The structures of this service are not carried out efficiently and such functions such as debriefing staff after their shifts and work conditions are currently not acknowledged.

"Within three call centres, staff morale was low and sick leave was often used to recover from an incident or the accumulation of stress and fatigue that came with the job...New staff went through six weeks of training which did not include enough focus on managing calls, the report said.

There was no plan for training - the cornerstone of their operations - and few, if any, refresher courses...The Northern Communications Centre in Grey Lynn, central Auckland, lacks natural lighting and has "shuttered windows" which affect the conditions and the mood of staff.... There was a lack of debriefing after incidents involving trauma. One staff member said no debriefing had been offered in five years...the panel suggested managers have development training".

The media has informed society that this social problem is widespread by reporting several incidents ranging from the south island to the north island of New Zealand. Each of these incidents involved the call centre giving incorrect information to authorities. Some of the reasons given were that the call centres staffs' was unaware of the areas where the victims are calling from, calls received were assumed as a hoax, and some calls were time consuming. Below...