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Dominique L. Swayze

SOCI-212 Social Problems

Mrs. Renee Decter

18 May 2014

There are many approaches toward social problems. The sociological approach toward social problems differs from other approaches for example functional and dysfunctional. These approaches provided fuller explanations. As defined in the book," function is as consequences that increase the survival of a social system (a group, an organization, a society, or a global social system)."Leon-Guerrero, page 18. A significant proportion must be in defining a social problem. The most significant problems are targeted to the majority of the people. If the problem only affected a few it would not be a significant problem.

One of the most social problem that we has people face today is unemployment. Unemployment is high all over the United States. This has no discrimination against gender, or income. However according to Department of Numbers it shows that the Blacks have the highest unemployment rate.

One cannot talk about unemployment without talking about education. The lack of education in the African Americans and other minorities are so low that a high school diploma will not get them there. This particularly hits the blacks because of low education, Black men make 12 percent is incarnated. The higher the employment rate is the lower education is to obtain it. Being unemployed also has to do with geographic location. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Rhode Island, Nevada, California, Illinois and Kentucky have the highest rate of unemployment. About 8.9% have less than a high school diploma. 6.3% only obtained a high school diploma. 5.7% have some college or has obtained associates degree, meanwhile only 3% have a bachelor's degree or higher. 50% of blacks do not graduate high school. With unemployment being a significant social problem it trickles down to...