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Reality TV Show:

The Real World Cancun

Chloe Sanders

The reality TV show that I watched was The Real World Cancun. In this show, there are eight people aged 18 to 25 living in one house together for four months. These people all come from different places and have different views, goals, and are in different places in their lives. On this particular season the eight people living in this house in Cancun were Bronne, CJ, Aiiiya, Jonna, Derek, Joey, Emilee, and Jasmine. Bronne is a college student at Penn State, and also a wrestler there. He tends to be somewhat of a comic relief in most situations within the members of the house. CJ is very good looking, and is continuously called "the all American boy." He is a free agent football player.

Aiiiya and Emilee are both Hooters' waitresses. Aiiiya seems to be the start of most negative interactions in the house. Derek and Jonna work together at a bar. Derek is the only homosexual one in the house, while Jonna is the only one in a relationship. Joey is a tattooed and pierced skinny guy in a band. Jasmine is a student and a small girl who even admits to having a Napoleon complex. During their time in the house, they must work, and if they lose the job, they will be kicked out of the house. Also, they can leave if it gets to be too much for them or can be kicked out for causing too much trouble or destruction.

The biggest theme in this show is relationships and sexuality. This theme relates to all of the members. Jonna deals with living away from...