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Welcome friends, You are agthered here today because you have realised that all in America is not well. You realise that since our founding fathers celebrated their first Independence Day that all in America has not been well. You realize that we are the youth, the future, and only we can change the deep rooted racism cancer that has infected our nation..

I for one am sick and tired of the reason that right wing white supremacy groups give to justify their causes. They believe that one man can be inferior to another man purely by the colour of his skin! I for one am sick and tired of these right wing white supremacy groups then believing that they have the RIGHT to enslave, murder, bash, torture, rape and any other vile act that will quench their bloodthirsts? without retribution in our country. I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I say they are the enemy.

I say that they are the very ulcer of humanity?. But we, my friends, are the cure.

We must rise up against the fiery hate that threatens to burn the social fabric of our nation. We must march, protest and rally until civil rights are given to all Americans, not just the white minority. But in our fight we shall not use violence. I for one have seen enough bloodshed, needless bloodshed, stain the colour of our streets RED. We are not animals. We will show the white supremacy groups that we are above violent fear tactics?. But we will not be easily brushed aside either. We will yell our message from the hilltops and we will not stop yelling until our voices are heard.

If we join together our fight for justice for the whole of America will not be a lost cause. We...