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Social services in Ontario help out many less fortunate people and employ a large number of workers. When employed in a government position, job security should be an essential part of your contract. There are a large number of social service positions getting cut that will affect the economy as a whole. In order to fight Ontario's deficit, cutbacks have already been made, people are affected by these cutbacks, and a lot more will take place, however, at the same time, you and I are being punished.

At least 15,000 jobs have already been eliminated and cutbacks are making work very scarce in Ontario. The new NDP government has made a choice that affects us all in cutting back programs. The programs that have been cut so far include: Eliminating photo radar, chopping welfare rates, downsizing of the public service through department amalgamation and program cuts, cutting some health-care services and school boards, pulling back on public housing, highway and subway construction, and eliminating several NDP bills, including Bill 40 which bans replacement workers during strikes and the employment equity legislation.

Cuts to the personal income tax rate will not arrive until the first budget and by that time voters will also get their first indication of how much pain the health-care, education, and social service system will have to bear in order to meet the balanced budget within five years.

Many innocent people are suffering because of these slashings. The most important social service program that is being cut is the Children's Aid Society. The employees now have to take off one hour a week, eliminate 40 vacant positions, and lay-off 10 contract employees to cut $817,000 from its budget this year. 16,000 in home calls were made from children last year and the Children's Aid Society of...