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When I was a student myself I remember that I used to find the difference between a plan and a drawing quite hard for me to understand. As a result I wanted to make sure that I was going to facilitate the understanding of this lesson for the pupils as much as possible. I wanted them to be sure about what they were being taught, as once they have understood it; they will never forget it.

The first thing I did was to split the class in groups of four, as in this way they were going to automatically help each other out as they were surely going to interact amongst themselves whenever a query came up.

'I wanted particular grouping so they can turn inwards to themselves and gain support from each other.' (Pointon P. and Kershner R.)While doing so, I made sure to put Adam with a particular group in order to avoid fighting.

The group included a child that used to get along well with him and she used to constantly remind him to work whenever she sat next to him, and so this was an asset for me. Secondly I included a child that at times tended to find certain social studies aspects quite hard, and he always liked to help her out as in this way he automatically felt more intelligent and important at the same time. As soon as I called him out at the very beginning of the lesson in order to ask him to help me, I could see it in his eyes that he instantly felt very proud. I knew that he really loved drawings and so he was going to identifying the difference between a drawing and a plan quite easily. As a result I was sure that he was...