Social Theory Continuous Assessment Assignment

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Course Title: BA Media & Cultural Studies

Module/Subject Title: Social Theory I: Classical Social Theory

Assignment Title: Compare two theories of two authors (Freud and Marx)

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Social Theory Continuous Assessment Assignment

The two theories I am going to compare for this assignment are the theories of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. As individuals, they both were dissatisfied with the societies they lived in. It was more obvious that Marx was the one who really felt that society was going the completely wrong way but Freud was more cynical in his view of human nature. We know that both of these men where great philosophers and thinkers but it seems that there deep theories and thought lead them to become unhappy with the world. Maybe the troubles and social ills both of these men perceived around them where in actual fact reflections of deep seeded emotions and troubles both of them had within themselves.

We all view the world differently and, in turn, we all interpret these views differently. For Marx and Freud, they both felt the world to be unjust. They saw human greed and other instincts as being the cause of the disfunctions in society. One area though were these two didn't agree was what exactly caused these corrupting instincts the to be carried out. For Freud, he felt that the tension, which arose from the challenge to suppress anti-social instincts, inevitably, was released and was the reason for the evils he observed in society. Marx, on the other hand, did feel that human instincts were involved but not the suppressive tensions that Freud saw. He equated that man's greed and the subsequent oppression of other men as the reason as to why civilization had got it so terribly wrong. It is...