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I agree with "Common Good" the most because I have strong socialistic tendencies. I believe that health care, welfare, and education should be public to all, regardless of income, age, gender or race. The "Common Good" gives citizens of a country the right to have equal advantages to drink clean water, and breathe fresh air, etc. The "Common Good" also eliminates the selfishness of individuals that look out for themselves only, rather than concentrating on their country's conditions. In war, the weak die, and the strong live, and therefore, by sacrificing personal benefits and wealth, for a strong, united country, those countries that follow a "Common Good life" will be able to withstand tough times. "Common Good" is the most important concept compared to Freedom and Equality. Although freedom is important, it should definitely not be a first priority to certain countries. To some countries, especially those where the poor stay poor, freedom is just the "freedom to starve", as people are allowed to do what ever they want with their money, so they blow it on less important things.

As for equality, equality has absolutely no purpose to a country if it is already in poverty.

I agree with "Socialism" the most because theoretically, "Common Good" and socialism have everything in common. Socialist countries are usually well planned and well ran, and the government equally distributes wealth, so everyone shares the same flat benefits. Although most people would be shocked at the high taxes a citizen living in a socialist country must pay, the country provides excellent social benefits and free services in return. Similar to Hitler's Nazi Germany, socialism also employs all the citizens of the countries, which in a way, creates personal security. In a socialist country, everyone gains, there are fewer differences...