Socialization Of The Color Line

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Taking on a new life in Muncie for Gregory Howard Williams, was very different than his life in Virginia. The culture or "all modes of thought, behavior, and production that are handed down from one generation to the next by means of communicative interaction rather than by genetic transmission" (Kornblum, Glossary-G2) in Muncie brought about some major changes and personnel struggles for Greg Williams's life. He was shown and brought into a new culture, with very different beliefs and everyday routines than the life he lived in Virginia, as a white, upper class young man. Through all these changes, one thing remained a goal in his heart"¦his desire to become a lawyer. His love for success kept him strong in Muncie, when the rest of the world turned against him. His stride to overcome his fears and stay strong during hard times kept him hooked into a life altering experience.

Born into a "white" family in Fort Belvior, Virginia, Greg was named after his father's captain from World War 2, Gregory Barnes, and Howard after his major, Howard Schultz. For some reason, he was nicknamed "Billy" by everyone around the tavern that his family owned (Williams, 2). The boys were living in an upper class section of Virginia in a home that was showing their father's income gross over "$50,000. We were climbing what seemed like an endless ladder of riches.. "We were the only family in the neighborhood that had two televisions" (Williams, 13) Buster Williams invested a lot of time and money into many new projects that he seemed to profit from. The world was looking like a kind place to the Williams family for a while.

Although his mother, Mary Williams, was a part of his life for only a brief time, she was...