Socially Responsibility Case Study

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Social Responsibility Essay

Nannas mixed Fruit is a popular product that is produced by a well known company. Unfortunately, the company is experiencing problems with their product as a number of cans were returned this year. The company then discovered that their product contained metal shavings. There will be 5 options that are researched and then the best option for this company will be recommended.

Ethical people believe what they do is the right thing to do, this means making a difference to others by making them happy which in return will make a difference to the company itself. Socially responsibility is an organisations obligation to engage in activities that protect and contribute to the welfare of society. So being socially responsible generates will and positive image for a business. For a company, having trust and good reputation are valuable assets. Ethics are moral values and principles that guide the way other businesses and people act and make decisions.

A policy that takes count of profit and includes the social and ecological costs of a business is referred to a triple bottom line.

There are several solutions for the general manager of Nanna's mixed fruit to consider resolving the problems. Continuing to sell the cans of fruit and say nothing will be a huge problem, as it will injure people's health and could also cause death due to metal shavings contained in the product. This option leads to the company of being socially irresponsible, and losing a lot of customers and money. They can get sued a number of times as well as being boycotted.

Removing all products from the market and refunding all your consumers who brought your product has positive impacts. Although, there are some disadvantages to this too. It shows that the company is trying to be...