Societal Behaviors

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Social Behaviors Since the beginning of time, the father and mother have taught their children all their knowledge that was given to them by their parents. Most of the knowledge of the children, whether it is moral values or book knowledge, will contribute in the children development. Whatever the parents teaches their children, the children will do or somehow reflect on the ideas given to them. These ideas will affect the thoughts of the children when they are grown up. Societal behaviors get handed down from generation to generation until we don?t even realize that the way we are acting may be unreasonable or bad for both males and females. These societal behaviors that are passed down from generation to generation are the results of the ignorance of the parents to teach their children the same ideas that were taught to them by their parents, which maybe good or bad; but the societal behaviors will never change unless the children learn from the history and begin to change the societal behaviors.

A child's knowledge is drawn from the environment in which they grew up. They will use the knowledge from their surrounding to behave in the society. He/she might behave in an improper manner to the eyes of a highly moral person; but people in the society might see that behavior to be acceptable. For example, for decades now men has seen women as an inferior to men. These ideas were passed on from father to his son; the son passes to his son, and so on. These idea eventually grown in with the idea of society and believe that men are superior to women. We don?t sometimes admit it openly, but it is in our minds that men are superior to women. Societal behaviors are place into our minds gradually until we actually think it is absolutely righteous to act with those behaviors.

A person will never be intelligent until he/she learns from his/her mistakes. We must be able to observe our surroundings and step back to analyze the surroundings, for then we will be able to see the real true nature of the situation. We can improve our society by being an example for other to change the ideas of our forefathers. The first action of how we can correct any misguided behaviors that we might encounter in ourselves and in other is by confronting it. Secondly, we must change and practice the ideas that we set out to change. For example, we should treat women as equality in our everyday life. When we are confronted with issues such as giving women the chance to try out to be a fighter pilot, we should give them the opportunity to do it. It will sometimes surprise us at the result that we get from some individuals. We should make it our duty to defend for those that are suppressed by public behaviors.

Generally, the growth of a child is dependent on values taught at home and society. Ideas, thoughts, and personal views may be passed on from generation to generation that may contribute to bad actions of future generations. These societal behaviors might make us think that we are doing the right thing, but in reality it is morally wrong. A child should sometimes challenge the behaviors of society and stand up for in what he believes is right. A society will never improve if dull and impractical ideas keep on appearing up. ?People never improve unless they look to some standard or example higher or better than themselves.??Tyrone Edwards.