Societal Impact Analysis: Impact of Marketing on Society

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RUNNING HEAD: Societal Impact Analysis


Impact of Marketing on Society

The drastic changes in marketing approaches on society are visible over the last 50 years. Marketing has advanced from advertising items and products that were typically necessary for a family to products that are geared more for comfort and pleasure. Ads have shifted from being directed at parents to children, who will in turn nag the parental figures until what is wanted is purchased.

By shifting the focus of marketing to the children of the family companies have enlisted another tool to use that will effectively continue to sell their product through each shopping trip that is made with the child. No other marketing tool can ever measure up to the incessant crying of a child for something seen on television that they want.

Marketing has also brought about false wants and more materialism.

There is more pressure to "keep up with the Joneses". Ads show us we can have more and we should want more. We should never be content with what we have. We should always want something more or something newer. Car commercials continually encourage us to purchase the newest and best. Big Mac commercials convince us that we have to drive through and eat a Big Mach for lunch.

Marketing has also brought about an ethical change in our society. Issues that were not in the realm of possibility 30 years ago, foul language or half dressed women, do not even warrant a second thought. These have become the norm. Every new shock technique businesses have employed have expanded our society and created cultural pollution where "All of the virtues associated with living a productive life are punished; all the vices associated with an irresponsible...