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Youth crimes are on a continual rise. It seems

that everyday violent offenders keep getting younger

and more aggressive. We turn on the news only to hear

that a ten year old mugged,shot,stabbed,beat or blew

up one of his peers. With crimes on the rise

involving children, people begin to look for a cause.

Society, when looking for a scapegoat, becomes worse

than a blood thirsty lynch mob at a witch trial.

Usually the most obvious source of violence within a

home is the television. However, in most cases it is

not the true cause. With the TV in the forefront of

virtually every home in the civilized world, it's no

wonder that it's the easiest target for criticism.

It's elementary to blame the tube for a child's

behavior; it's a quick and easily identified source of

violence within a youths confined world. The TV many

times is identified as the cause of aggressive acts to

avoid dealing with other underlying issues.


today has an entire array of different afflictions

that plague us from day to day. The television is of

very little significance alongside the landfill of

troubles that influence children today. Besides,

trying to get networks to cut out violence and

aggression entirely would be like trying to get Jesus

Christ to write a top ten list of reasons why

Christianity sucks. (It's not going to happen.)

TV is not the reason that our youth courts are

filled to capacity with court dockets so hideous you

would swear that you were looking at the start of the

apocalypse. Television programs are not the reason

for the apparent increase in adolescent crime. If you

find yourself picking up your kids from the police

station all the time, it's not the TV's fault!!!

There are...