Society and it's automobiles

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Society and its Automobiles

With everything that has changed over the century cloths, hairstyles, even music one thing that has remained the same is the car. Yes the car, the one instrument that represents in most of us: freedom, individuality, and peace of mind, is still the same even since the first American built car was made in 1903. Of course its body has changed over the decades instead of a box shape it is more aerodynamic, a cd player is standard instead of an AM/FM radio. Instead of one model of car we now have 3 models of the same car. With all these changes it was two decades that helped in defining what the car is in America. These two decades are the turbulent muscle car era of the 60's and the technological era of the 90's. But little is know if these decades and why they are of so much importance for the automobile.

And there is no better stating point then the 60's.

No decade of the twentieth century has created more powerful and stunning images than the 1960's. It began with the slim election and then traumatic assassination of an attractive and energetic of President John Kennedy. It saw enormous civil right movements that won series of legal victories leading to the passage of two major forms of civil right legislation (the civil right act of 1964) and (the Voter right act of 1965). It also saw a rise in idealism among the youth that began the 1960's and help in the success of President John Kennedy turn and changed into angry rebellion, many against the aspects of American culture and politics. This produced a large upraise of student protest that rocked the nation at the end of the 60's. But it was also this...