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Ayanna Vickery

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September 26 2014

Influences Of The Internet

The Internet plays a huge role in today's society. Some argue the role it plays may be positive and some feel it plays a negative role in our lives today. However being that it is the year 2014 it seems as though everything is technology based which makes it a bit unrealistic to be anti-internet. Although those who do argue against the growing use of technology such as the Internet may have some reasonable arguments. The internet is an indispensable form of communication that allows us to share knowledge as easily and quickly as we do, not only is it a fast and easy form of communication but also a social platform to meet & chat with others who share the same interest as us. In addition to the positive, it can also cause information overload for decision makers.

To begin with, there is no single inventor of the Internet, Before 1957 computers were only able to process one program at a time until in 1969 when Arpanet was found upon By the US Government. In the article "Internet History and Network" by Allen Matthew he points out that "Arpanet is commonly referred to as the forerunner of the internet" (5) .The article explains that this network was not initially created for Communication, but only a test to establish the sharing and scarcity of computer resources in different locations, (Allen, 5). As the idea of being able to share information from different locations and different time frames still corresponding became relevant, this is where people took it into their advantage. In other countries similar opportunities presented itself such as exploration and commercialism, (Allen, 5). When these two advantages intertwine that is when...