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John W. O'Malley, S.J. the author described the society which was found by Ignatius during early 1500s. The Society was officially approved by Pope Paul III on September 27, 1540. In the sixteenth century, the Society of Jesus is considered as one of the factors that helped forming Catholicism. This is why the Society stands out vastly among the other religious orders of the period. The author's thesis that has been stated in the article is basically trying to convey us the idea that it is hard to clear out the misconceptions about the early Jesuits, involved in their goals, inspirations, etc.

Ignatius was one of the Jesuits who governed the society. The author describes the Jesuits with Ignatius. It is said that Ignatius was one of the founders. However, he was not just an ordinary founder of the Society. He left such literature that later on produced massive amount of prints that were used within the society.

Ignatius was involved with the bull of Paul III. The ten people including Ignatius were having a prayerful discussion about a new order. Eventually, they came up with a new papal approbation a short document that has a new order. This was called "Formula Vivendi." There were some objections to the new order saying that it has too may religious orders. However, the ten people had gotten the bull of Paul III. After the papal approval of the "Formula" they decided to elect Ignatius as their superior. For the remaining fifteen years in Ignatius' life, he managed to establish the new order, divided administrative units into provinces.

Around the time Ignatius has died, the Jesuits have opened thirty three schools already in Europe. There was an importance of this development in 1560s. The Jesuits had two things that were "for helping their...