Society make us human.

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Does Society Makes us Human?

Society has a way of conforming us. Society has put out rules for us to follow.

Yet the thought process has been in existence longer then society. I do not believe that

society makes us human. Thinking makes us human because without thinking we would

not have the basic structure that is society. Without thought there would be no laws,

social class or standards that shape us to be human. Basically there would not be a society

if there was no thought put into it.

Laws are made to regulate people and the way they act, or may act, out

throughout society. But where did those rules that shape our humanity come from? How

were they introduced into the world? They were thought up, and from the beginning of

time no less. Starting with the Ten Commandments, the bill of rights and now the

Supreme Court system, laws have been thought up and enforced.

Also, if someone were

to break these rules, these laws that have been set before them. Then we have ways to

consider of a punishment for the criminal as we see fit. Therefore there is retribution so

the crime hopefully does not happen again. With this process,

Also, the social class is influenced by the thought process not society. During the

Middle Ages, people saw fit to set the standards for the proper classes. The king was the

higher power and then following down the monarchy. The farmers and the peasants were

at the bottom of the ladder and there was no way of building up their wealth. Now, since

we do not have that system anymore; people have become more intelligent and have

thought up ways to beat the system and make their own wealth. Like Bill Gates for

example. He has made almost a hundred billon dollars for utilizing a computer system

that is now the Windows software company. Just one thought can change a person's

whole life. There is no need to say in the same mediocre class with the same profession.

Lastly, social standards, which are a major part of society, would not be applied

without thought. Every human is expected to act a certain way. But why is that? It is

because people before us have set certain standards for others. Like morals for example.

Morals are set rules on how people should act. For example, in society, it's not right for

someone to be highly intoxicated in public. Or, the fact that it is wrong for a husband to

abuse his wife. If one of these morals were broken, the wrong doer would be considered

inhumane or barbaric. Society did not create these rules. People have thought out these

morals throughout time in order to build a better society. Without them, the society would

be chaotic and would never really survive.

In conclusion, I believe that without thought society would never really exist. People would go around doing whatever they wanted whenever they felt like it. It would be utter chaos. This is why I believe that thinking makes us human. Without thought, not only would society crumble. But humanity itself would not function at all. There would be now laws to regulate and control the people within the society. Also, there would be no social class to follow. And the moral standards that people hold would be confused and hard to follow. Society would be devastated without thought. Thinking makes human. Which interns, creates a society for people to interact in a civil and just way. In closing, society does not make us human. It is thought makes us human.