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SocietyReport 1: Women, Culture, and PowerThe article describes about the early human societies in which work was divided among men and women and the society was based on kinship groups. It is also stated that the early societies were male dominated and matriarchal culture prevailed in them. This means that the family descent was traced from the mother rather than the father. But this was common only in the Iroquois culture of North America and rest of the societies was male dominated. Powers were not equally divided among men and women (Women, Culture, and Power, 2008).

Women were not given importance in religious or political matters and the society was dominated by males. It was only after the Second World War that their condition improved to a certain extent, but still the position of women was underestimated in the society. Whether it is a matter of compensation, family decisions, politics or religion, the thoughts and opinions of women were not given much importance.

Report 2: Party-Directed MediationIn the society, different human beings have their own personal values and attitudes, which often lead to conflicts among them. In order to solve the conflicts existing in a society, a popular method of mediation can be adopted. It is a method in which a mediatory person is appointed between both the parties involved in the conflict. The conflict is solved with the help of mutual negotiations between the parties. First, the mediator meets the parties individually and discusses the problem or the issue.

After this session, a joint session is conducted on the will of the parties in the presence of the mediator. In this session, discussions and negotiations take place and finally both the parties arrive on a final conclusion. A mediator is always helpful for solving the societal conflicts as he...