Society Short of Satisfaction-Anylizes the individual within society, incorporating Rustam and Suhrab from the Shah-nama of Firdawsi, Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane, and The Bet by Anton Chekhov

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Society Short of Satisfaction

Human beings cannot be consistently satisfied while abiding by societies ideology. Often times what motivates individuals to rebel or obtain their dreams is in actuality discontent with society. Society itself expresses that the objective is generally worth pursuing even if it suggests risking or sacrificing everything while going against the norm. In some instances this may mean staking something as extreme as life itself, whereas in others it may simply imply experiencing the sting of failure or disappointment. The following literary works characterize individuals who challenge society in order to achieve an ultimate goal, whether justified or not.

The excerpt Rustam and Suhrab from the Shah-nama of Firdawsi is one of the most widely read works in the epic partially because it embraces the most important hero of all at his downfall when he kills his very own son. Suhrab desperately wants to meet his father, Rustam, because he knows he will not be content until he does.

He expresses this when he says, "Mine eyes looked ever for thee." (p.96) He believes that although he will have to fight his father; which in itself is not socially acceptable, just getting to see and converse with him face to face is worth the possible consequences. In addition he is jeopardizing his reputation in Turan because by challenging one of the Persian's warriors he is risking being defeated, or making the Persians angrier. In this particular story evil conquers over good and Rustam ends up killing Suhrab before he discovers he is his son. It seems as though Suhrab's efforts were in vain, but he did in fact attain what he first set out to accomplish, so perhaps he died with a feeling of satisfaction. Just before he dies he says, "I came like lightning and like...