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Socio-Economic Aspects Make Limoges Distinctive Limoges is a city as well as community which are located in France, in the region of the Haute-Vienne department; it is also the administrative capital of the Limousin district.

Limoges is famous due to its enamels made of copper of the medieval era; the nineteenth century porcelain and for its barrels made of Limousin oak, these barrels are utilized for the production of Cognac.

Limoges is to the east of central France, and gets hit by just about every climatic shift, change, or alteration that comes through the region, so you can rest assured that in winter, you're bound to be snowed upon, spring will be full of beautiful blooming...everything, summer will bring quite a bit of perspiration and exasperation out of you, and autumn will be all colors ( is at a physical as well as socio-economic defining moment. It has no way to make use the ocean, very less trains come to their stations and there airport is not even large enough for an airplane, Limoges largest industry is in cattle.


Population: Limoges has just seen a minor raise in its population due to positive migration balance. However it is still the most aged population in the whole of France, this has no effect on their socio-economic indicators.

712,500 Inhabitants in Limoges+0.03% Change in population between 1999 and 2004€14,935 per inhabitant in 200028% of the population over 60 yearsIt also boasts around 600 Ha of parks and green areas for its 230 000 residents (47% of whom are under the age of 30) (

Professions and EmploymentForeign companies employ approximately 44% of industrial manpower in the region (excluding the agro-food sector) (,It consists of an urban region of 230 000 customers, their town centre has 137,502 residents, 12,942 organization as...