Sociological Analyses of the City of Winston-Salem

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The city of Winston-Salem has a variety ethnic group. I will discuss an array of topics related to social inequalities, racial deviance, family ethnicity, education and religion. Based on my personal experience and classroom discussion, social inequalities describes a condition in which members of society have different amounts of wealth, prestige or power. Winston-Salem has historically as other southern communities, had long standing physical and social divisions when dealing with issues related to social inequalities. The elites still control and passed laws that benefit them.

The lower class is exploited by the upper class. During the last decade, there has been a large migration of the Spanish speaking populace. Many of the lower paying service related jobs which traditionally the elites exploited African-American and other domiciled racial groups are now being filled by the Hispanic immigrants which is now the new group being exploited by the elites in Winston-Salem. Working at a local hospital here in Winston-Salem I have seen evidence of social inequalities in health care.

However, with health care the elites have the money and power to afford the best doctors and treatment. The lower class mostly depends on the State of North Carolina to provide health insurance for them and most cannot afford to pay for private insurance. The underprivileged individual is at the mercy of the state which is controlled by the government which is controlled by the elite.

Deviance any behavior, belief or condition that violates significant social norms in the society or group in which it occurs. This is particularly true when dealing with drug and other criminal sentencing considerations. A well-known case is that of Darryl Hunt which many citizens across the country in addition to the strong local support from religious and community leaders made a huge difference in the outcome of whether justice or innocence was served in Winston-Salem. The powerful use law to control those who are without power, drug law are enforced more on the lower class here in Winston-Salem than on upper class who are able to afford the best lawyer. The criminal justice system protect the power and privileged of the upper class. A crime committed by the dominant group known as white-collar crimes may received only a fine or a minor unsupervised probation sentence. Race is a term that refers to a group of people heritage.

Racism is still alive and well here in Winston-Salem, instead of legal institutional discrimination they now wear a business suits and black robes in our criminal justice system. That superior white attitude still exists in all areas of your life in Winston-Salem.

Our black men are stereotyped as being criminal. The institutions of Winston Salem would hire a black woman before a black man not saying that the black woman is treated any better, but maybe seen as less of a threat to the dominant group. African-Americans are not the only ones facing social prejudice and stereotypes. Hispanic are the new group being exploited. Just as African-Americans were used to work the plantation for cheap labor, Hispanic are used to work the tobacco farms and work low paying jobs blacks will not do any more. There is discrimination and stereotyping in housing in Winston Salem. There has always been a myth that Hispanics are destructive to rental property and live with to many people in a house. Not all Hispanics are here illegal, and most pay taxes, and are law-biding citizens. They will always be judged on the color of their skin and their social background. Prejudice, discrimination and racism will always be alive and well as long as the dominant groups have any kind of control.

Family refers to a group of people related by blood, marriage, ancestry or adoption who live together in a common household. In addition, a family refers to a group of people who define themselves as a family. The family I will talk about is not the traditional family but the extended family. I believe it takes a whole village to raise a child. In Kijita (Wajita) there is a proverb which says \\\"Omwana Ni wa bhone,\\\" meaning regardless of a child\\