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A French philosopher and writer, Pierre Bourdieu ( Bourdieu et al.1990) claims that sociological factors such as education, family background, cultural development of an individual as well as one?s belonging to a specific social class, plays a vital part in interpretation and participation in the Arts. In order to evaluate this argument and make any logical conclusions, it must therefore be examined through evidence which in this case will be referring to an Australian artist, Robert Klippel.

?Every artist?s career has a ?shape? or a development which tends to be greatly affected by sociological factors which influence the life of that artist?.(Hughes 1964: 2). Robert Klippel?s career ?shape? was also a subject to formation which was promoted by factors such as education, family upbringing and background as well as the outer and inner environments which affected the life development of the artist. It is thus essential to consider these factors as they influenced and formatted Klippel?s artistic vocation and career.

Robert Klippel was born in Sydney, 19 of June 1920, in a middle class family and became the second in a family of three sons. His father had emigrated from Poland in 1904 and ran a successful business importing and distributing clothing and textiles. His mother, of English background, had been brought up in ?English fashion?, educated well and expected to devote herself to marriage and the family. Klippel?s father attended university where he studied philosophy and took an Art theory course. During university years, he developed an interest in the Arts. From time to time he would visit an Art gallery or buy an expensive classical painting.Robert Klippel?s, mother had a passion for classical music and would often visit the opera.

However, at that time Robert Klippel had little interest in education in the Arts...