Sociological Imagination

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This essay answer the question: Write a story and exercise your sociological imagination by analyzing the connections (structure, historical moment, cultural values, assumption). How were you limited by the social in your story? How were you liberated by the social?

In a world that did not accept change quickly I was pushed into society without security. It was made obvious that I didn't belong, but I accepted this challenge for the sake of my family. Those who I thought were Americans ridiculed me in school. I only heard about their acceptance towards diversity in Vietnam. God! That was a load of bull. I concluded that class, race, and gender segregated America. The monarchy in my school was ever growing and I would be at the very bottom, getting the occasional "ching ching" bit from them haters. Those racial bastards! Their black background should have taught them better than to repeat what their white condemners did to them.

In my freakin' middle school, Asian was the new black, and black was the new white.

In my nightmares I would see their mad distorted faces and wanted so bad to go home. I wanted Vietnam, but just living day by day and attempting to fulfill my father's wishes and learn English quickly, I was in purgatory. I lived outside my body so I wouldn't feel anything. The time passed and the pain left their scars, and I became passive, but only because I had to protect myself. My family was the world that I lived in while I was exiled in school. While they hurt me, I would think of my family because they were the only reason I had to live that life. However, they could never fully take away the pain that them Americans caused me, because I ain't a...