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According to the sociologist C. Wright Mills (1959) sociological imagination described is a unique perspective to view the world, it helps us to understand the link that is between society, circumstances and the experience faced by each and every individuals. It focuses on the context of the situation by looking in all sides at a broader picture and helps us to understand personal troubles as social or public issue. This essay will discuss unemployment in sociological imagination as social either social or public issue by looking in sex, age group, population group, level of education and illnesses or disabilities.

The rate of unemployed women is unchanging; it is always beyond of what is expected that of men. It even doubles as twice as high. As a result that caused concerns under the assumptions that female to male unemployment imbalance is unpleasant (Johnson, 298). That shows that there's inequality between employment of men and women.

People choose to believe that women are too soft therefore they cannot do certain work, like mine work and carrying heavy loads whereas that is not true women can do any kind of job. There shouldn't be a job where they say 'man only' because women are also in capable of doing any kind of work. Women have fewer job skills than men because they use up lot of time doing house work and taking children responsibilities, and therefore develop quite deferent patterns of venture on the employment training (M, Corcoran & G, J. Duncan. 4). The result of the gap between unemployed men and women can be caused by different things; it could be social or public problem. And the culture can also be involved because other people believe that women are not suppose to work, they should do the house work. So the country...