The sociological perspective

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The sociological perspective or your imagination uncovers unfamiliar worlds and help?s reevaluate some familiar worlds. Also the sociological perspective makes it possible to expand new vision so social life. For instance, the way your social group has created your ideas and desires.

Karl Marx?s and his theory of the class conflict. Marx?s states that those who own the means to produce wealth, land, factories, and machines are locked in conflict with the proletariat, the exploited lower class who don?t own the mans of production. He says that the only way for these lower class workers to get ahead is to unite in revolution and throw off their chains of bondage. Therefore creating a classless society and one is free to work according to their abilities and to receive according to their needs.

Max Weber?s ideas about religion, rather than economics. Weber disagrees with Marx he believes that they were in God?s will.

Weber believed that you don?t have to unite in revolution, but to seek spiritual comfort.

Culture Language and body language are very important for communication in life. For instances gesture and words coincide with one and other we use gestures as a supplement for our words to give a better understanding on the point we are trying to make. Language is symbols that can be strung together in an infinite number of ways for the purpose of communicating abstract thought. Language allows culture to exist and without language there would be no way to communicate to others what event you had in mind or ideas and feeling about events that take place. Also without language our memories would be extremely limited because we use words to recall our experiences. Also with out language how would we communicate to others our plans, time and goals? It is...