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As I begin on my generation's past, it has made me realize just how far we have come as people. Although we all still have work to do, time has brought about a change. This change has allowed me to embrace my past and take pride in my future. Parents and Grandparents offer a great deal of experience, knowledge, and wisdom. They are a resource of valuable information which helps of understand our family's heritage.

I can recall sitting around as a young man while my grand parents watch their grown children and remember the challenges they face while raising them. There were many topics discuss in these shared stories. Education was afforded to my grandparents during their generation. They learned mostly by watching and observing. Learning conditions were terrible. Structural buildings were unfit. Classes were often overcrowded during these times. Teachers were scarce during these times.

Religion was all my grandparents had that they could truly call their own.

It motivated them to believe one day there would be fair treatment for our race. When horrible acts of violence occurred, religion provided understanding, joy and peace. The more things happened, the more they cling to their higher power. This led to large congregations weekly. My grandparents and others used religion to fellowship and keep each other strong during these rough times. These times consist of desegregation and civil rights.

There were incomes paid in salary or wages until the latter part of their lives. With low education skills, these salaries were paid in cash. My grandparents did not meet the work force criteria to fill out applications and receive a W-2 form. Their occupations were field laborer and house cleaning. My grandparents lived in a rural area. Their consumption was mostly raised in gardens, hunting, and fishing. Every...