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-Given what you know about sociology's interests and focus, describe some human behavior or attitude that puzzles (or has puzzled) you. Develop an explanation for this behavior using your own knowledge of "social things." In the past few days we have seen the most devastating acts of terrorism since Pearl Harbor. It is hard for us to imagine why anyone would want to live with the lives of so many on their shoulders. As the death toll count raises more and more people are left without their loved ones, but out of all the confusion and sadness a patriotic ring has struck out. American's stand brave with vengeance and dignity; we will not be forced into submission. The terrorists will not fulfill their goal of instilling fear into our lives. Our bravery has been shown through the continuance of our economic system and our normal everyday lives, right? Wrong, you see people flocking to churches and synagogues in need of comfort and security.

Do I think this is wrong? No, but I do wonder why people feel the need to connect with some religious denomination of belief when thy fear that death is eminent.

Religion has created our stability, harmony and evolution throughout our lives. All of society and even those who don't even realize it are part of this social structure that holds our social organization together.

Throughout the centuries our culture and social system have been shaped by our religious beliefs. We originally came to America to show the King in Europe how religion should be. We created a "city upon a hill" in a demonstration of how their lives should be led according to religion. The foundation of their lives, through the good times and the bad times were supported by their faith in God.