Sociology essay on governing powers of societies and the effects of maintaining the social structures.

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Sociology Freewriting Thoughts...

By Jason Buckley:201300781

The United States and other governing powers leading the world into a consumer society, are keeping their wallets full by doing so, at only one cost, Armageddon. 1) Rich countries are destroying earth in order to keep themselves wealthy and powerful in the unevenly distributed resources of the world. 2) Life in all forms is being destroyed to make way for large company factories and plantations to feed these "rich countries". The poor people of the world suffer because of this new world order, along with the rest of the living planet. 3) The polar ice caps are melting as a result at an incredible rate due to the global warming effect caused by pollution of companies and automobile emissions, and still out of greed, our leaders do nothing. The societies around the world must be informed of the repercussions that our consuming countries have on it.

One of the biggest problems is the wealthy country.

The wealthy countries are the backbone for the destruction of the world. These countries are accustomed to biological, economical and polluting growth rates. The increasing population believes that they need more things, and the companies that provide these things must have more resources to manufacture from. In order to sell more food, they might grow it in poorer countries (who are deprived of the basic standard of living), offer jobs to the poor and a lump sum of money to the leaders of the poorer countries. Shipping the food back to the richer countries, the produce and food industries have cut cost, minimizing labor, production, and even safety measures (for poor neighboring worker.) ensuring greatest amounts of profit. In seeing ourselves chapter 65 illustrates the Atlantic rain forest being almost completely destroyed in order to make room for...