The Sociology of Integrating a Preschooler Into an Existing Daycare Group

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Sociology 101: Introduction to Sociology (University of Maine at Augusta, USA)

Instructions from professor: Write a term paper on any subject relative to the interaction of humans. Use the title, "The Sociology of... "

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Daycare centers provide organized programs for groups of youngsters most commonly in their toddler and preschool years. The programs are designed to maximize the child's development and provide full-time quality care. Centers are licensed by the state office responsible for daycare. Before taking admission in a day care center, the parent(s) should visit the program while the children are present. They should sit quietly and observe how the children interact with each other and with the staff. Are staff attentive to their requests? Do they make eye contact and respond in pleasant tones to the children? Are they aware of the entire group or focused on a child who's acting up? Staff members should know how to help children use the toys and equipment effectively.

Children use play materials to learn, and the value of positive preschool experiences, including receiving tender loving care, cannot be overestimated. When talking to staff, parents should pay attention to how they respond to them; the caregiver should be skilled at dealing with parents.

In daycare centers, children learn the concepts of following directions, actively participating as a member of a group, and listening and respecting an authority figure (teacher) other than mom or dad. These are all important concepts that a preschool child must learn. Developing a sense of self away from parents can also be very helpful for a young child. Many preschool advocates believe these attributes are among the most important learned during preschool. A good preschool program will help to foster self-esteem in a child (feelings of positive self worth)...