Sociology of Sport: Rock 'n' Roll

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Unit: Sociology of Sport

Task: Rock 'n' Roll

Considering the major influences that effected the way how Australian people lived during the 1950's come under the sub- headings economy, political, social, cultural and historical.

Economically living in the 1950's, it was not of all the best circumstances due to the fact of just recently recovering from World War 2. Australia had experienced a slow growth in economic expansion because of the lack of damage to the national foundation after World War 2. By 1955 the post-war economic booms in full swing, fuelled by immigration and the growth in housing and manufacturing that this produced. The prices for Australia's agricultural exports were also high, ensuring rising incomes.

During this period the serving prime minister was Sir Robert Menzies. Politically during this period the white immigration policies began to be relaxed. Also during this era there were numerous civil wars, such as the Korean War which went from June 25th 1950 until July 27th 1953.

The civil war was between a communist North Korea and a republican South Korea. Also tensions between the U.S and the Soviet Union also resulted in a cold war. Robert Menzies sent out scares about this cold war, in order to be voted as prime minister once again.

Socially the generation was traumatized by the Great Depression and World War 2 created a culture with emphasis on normality and conformity. The beginning of the 50's was still strict, but was starting to build up towards rebellion. For example the movie Rebel without a cause played in 1955; though it wasn't until the upstart of Rock 'n' Roll and Elvis Presley, that the real rebellion began showing itself.

The culture of this age had an obsession or had a phase of popularity with hair tonics and...