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Socrates was a man who lived a long and complex live. Socrates lived in Athens, Rome and was son to Sophronicus. Socrates was a man who had philosophy in his blood even as a child. No one really know who or how socrates learned so much from. Many people belive that Socrates learned from his early teachers Pardamis, Heraclitus, Anaxagorus and Atomis. Later on in his life Socrates married a beautifull woman by the name of Xanthippe. In many of Socrates writting she is called a shrew who only made his life harder sometimes. Socrates was a man who had philosophy in his life and someday would be a great writter, and inspire many others.

Socrates lived from 469-399 BC and always had a need for philosophy. As an early child he used to practice the arts like his father , but then decided to move on to greater things.

As he attended school in Rome he saw that he had a passion for philosophy. Socrates learned from his teachers that philosophy was a way to look at life in a positive way ( Bayly). Socrates saw philosophy as a way of life and started to pratice it day by day. Socrates began to writte poems and thoughts down and soon he saw that he was a great writter. As he grew old Socrates saw that his passion keep on growing. Socrates soon began to express his feelings and thoughts to the people in the streets. Althogh he was still a young man , he took the courage to step out from the others and tell people how different life was when you looked at it in a different way. Socrates' philosophy was so great that many people today consider him as one of the earliest greatest writters in...