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Philosophy paper 1

On the topic of philosophical thinking, I chose to look at Socrates. I think that Socrates, is the greatest example of a philosopher. I think this because I can relate to him the best. Since we first talked about him in class, I was awestruck by the way he was able to voice his opinion through his teachings. Socrates didn't care what others thought of him, but rather knowing he himself was living the best way he knew how, and helping others to see things from his own viewpoint in turn helping others better themselves.

When he was "martyred" for allegedly corrupting the youth of his city with his teachings, Socrates refused to admit he was wrong, even upon consequence of death. Socrates actions were calculated over and over in his mind, before he did them. This is Socrates way of philosophical thinking.

While Socrates was jailed, awaiting for his death punishment, he was given two choices he could take to escape his execution.

These choices were given to him by his close friend Crito. Crito asks him why he won't just admit that his teachings were wrong, in order to escape his punishment of death. Crito reinforces his suggestion that he has children to take care of, and it would be bad for them to grow up without a father. He also says that he doesn't want to lose an old friend. Socrates refutes Crito's suggestion by saying in a general way that if he admits he is wrong, he will lose credibility in future teachings, as well as old ones. He does not want this to happen, because through philosophical thinking, he concludes that it would not be in his good interest for the future. Also, if he tried...