Socrates And Truth

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It is true that as the Christian becomes more and more familiar with the truth he can then be able to spot truth whenever it arises. In analyzing the aspects of Socrates philosophy one area of which I noticed a quality of truth was concerning his moral thought. The fact that he believed morals were innately within the individual is also intriguing. On page 41, of Socrates to Sartre a very interesting statement is made, "It takes a true knowledge of human nature to know what it requires to be happy." This statement immediately impacted me; echoes of Romans chapter three rang throughout my mind. There is no one good. Though this statement about human nature is true, it is also the first concept that must be grasped before one could come to know the requirements of happiness. When mankind realizes and comes to that true knowledge of human nature then and only then will they recognize that they need a Saviour.

That Saviour is the only medium for mankind to reach happiness. Though Socrates might have been thinking on a different level than myself concerning this, it is clearly the case that human nature is evil, destructive and self-seeking and we need a new nature, one that only Christ Jesus the God-man can provide.