Was Socrates Arrogant?

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believe that this famous philosopher, Socrates, was arrogant. He believed he was a very wise man, don't get me wrong he was, but not the wisest. There could be wiser out there. He believed he was the wisest of all man because he admitted how he tried finding a wiser man than he but did not succeed in doing so. He believes he is superior to others because he questions them too much. He believes he knows the answers or he is very close to knowing the truth. Closer than anyone else. He looks down at the people in the court room by asking, "If it is not true, then what is?" What he means by this is, "If what I say is not true then what is true? Nothing can be true, I am right." He thinks highly of himself.

He believes by preaching his philosophies he is doing something good for all Men.

He believes that God commanded him to do this job of talking about his philosophies and teaching it to others. He is not a real teacher he argues though. Though he does teach, he is not paid to do so. All the people who do listen to him and learn from him, are just standing by listening to the conversation he is having with someone and they get involved. So people are being influenced by him.

The first thing the jury sentenced him was with a penalty. He had to pay a penalty, serve some time in jail, and then live outside of Athens in solitude, and stop what he is doing. He did not accept this, he told them he will never be quite and that he will keep talking until the day he dies. They then sentenced him to death by...