Sodium Chloride

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The molecule NaCl, otherwise known as table salt, was discovered many years ago. There was no actual records of when it was discovered, but history takes it as far back in the year 2,700 B.C. The people who were found using it were the Chinese, where they used it for pharmaceutical reasoning. The Chinese did two different things with the NaCl, they had two methods of extracting NaCl and making use out of it which are the same as we use today. This is the reason why we give the credit of finding table salt to the Chinese (

Table salt was very important in the economic way. We have the expression now "not worth his salt" from the Chinese and the Greek from when they used to trade salt for slaves. After the news of Sodium Chloride had spread, people were using it to keep their meat preserved and fresh, and they were using it to cure cuts, because in those days refrigerators weren't around yet.

Eventually throughout the years, table salt became a use for many other things. It helped serve military purposes throughout Germany and Russia. When the people fighting in the war became wounded, they threw salt on their cuts, which helped heal them faster. ( Throughout the medieval time period, salt was eventually produced instead of only being found naturally. People were now producing table salt from salt springs, and making table salt by boiling brine. This was how they were able to use table salt during the war of 1812. A few years after this, taking the salt brine and putting it in an evaporating dish being drenched in sun were now producing solar salt. This make the brine break into small salt crystals, which was now all dried out. Table salt is...